"Il faut que notre équipe de travail grandisse."

Translation:Our work team must grow.

July 16, 2020

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As i read this I have to wonder if Duo is talking about 'teamwork' rather than ' work team'. The latter phrase is something I've never had occasion to use.


No, they mean work team - the number of people on the team needs to increase.


What is wrong with workforce?


"Our work team must expand." Accepted.


Why isn't grandisse pronounced completely as there is a verb at the end? I had this question as a review exercise and it just sounded like grandi. I'm not happy!


Duospeak in both languages, no, or a new Americanized sense of "grow"/grandir from an economy figuratively "growing"? I've seen it all over these past years in "English" . . .

"Our work team must be {enlarged/expanded}."

Il faut que notre équipe de travail {s'agrandit/se développe}.

"Our work team needs room to grow." Il faut que notre équipe de travail ait d'espace pour développer. That would also have passed in my day. As it stands now, Duo is saying in both languages that they need to grow physically or mature into adults, no? Well, that may also be true in a way -- is it just Duo being childish then?


I don't think Duo is being childish. But maybe you are a little old-fashioned? Anyway, I work in a hospital and in these pandemic times, our work team definitely needs to grow!


The voice over was very difficult for me to hear. Especially the isse sound at the end, I couldn't hear the isse sound in either the normal or slow speed was just a very quiet ee sound


What on earth is a "work team?" Are they talking about a department's staffing levels?

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