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"Il ne faut pas qu'Alice choisisse ce poste."

Translation:Alice must not choose this position.

July 16, 2020



Alice ne doit pas choisir ce poste........... I know duo wants to teach us " il ne faut pas" stuff....but my question is that if my suggestion means same?


Yes, your translation is not only correct, but it's a better translation. For what it's worth, I think the way Duolingo teaches falloir and devoir is practically a crime against linguistics.


YES, "il faut" it's more like "it's necessary".


I read and listen to original French material. Sentences using falloir are extremely common. If you plan on using your French in real life, you must learn to produce and understand "that il ne faut pas stuff".


I read il ne faut pas as its not necessary for alice to take the post but she could if she wanted to.


I don't think that's what it means to a French person. The actual meaning is "she must not". No thought is given to what she wants to do in the French.


For me this is a confusing sentence. If you translate il faut as it is necessary, then the translation would be, "it is not necessary that Alice choose (subjunctive!) this position". This is totally different from "Alice must not choose this position". So how do you know which translation is correct and why subjunctive?

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