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"We will attend the product presentation."

Translation:Nous assisterons à la présentation d'un produit.

July 16, 2020



Why d'un produit rather than du produit?


After all, product presentation could refer to A product, THE product or products! The English gives no clue, so all should be accepted.


Yes! Just when did it become ONE product that was presented? No numbers were mentioned in the English, and only the presentation itself was indicated singular. I have to say it, anomalies of this kind bring Duolingo into disrepute. It is such a shame. It's not as if the report system is acted on in a timely manner, either


"du produit" also accepted @ 3 July 2021.


The English genitive case is not that hard Duo:

the product presentation / the presentation of products = la présentation de produits

the product's presentation / the presentation of the product = la présentation du produit

the presentation of a product = la présentation d'un produit


Why d'un produit


d'un produit? The presentation of A product? One would assume we know WHAT product it is so it would be THE product, otherwise it would be "a product presentation".


Not really! The article THE refers to a specific presentation that has been scheduled. There is no indication how many products are involved. A product presentation indicated that the person spoken to has no specific knowledge about the presentation.


I must disagree with MandyB11 - the French is not now clear. The French sentence discusses "the presentation of a product". The English sentence says "the product presentation"-which could be on one or more products-not "the presentation of/on a (single) product".

Is it not possible to say these distinctions with more precision in French? In other words, (as I ask all the time) is this a difference between French and English I should learn, or another Duolingo confusion with how English is spoken?


I made the same point 5 months ago -- scroll up.


So it's " the presentation of a product ". That makes more sense now, thanks :) The English is a bit ambiguous in this sentence (because we can - and do - tend to bounce around in sentence construction lol), but the French is now clear!


nous participerons à la présentation d'un produit


That's not an accurate translation I'm afraid. It means they will be contributing or taking part in the presentation. Nothing in the English to suggest they're going to do more than just be there (possibly as the auduence?) which is better expressed by 'assister à'.


Assister à is a 'false friend' here; the meaning is not the same in French and English. "Assister à" = to attend as in to attend a concert or a presentation. It doesn't mean 'to assist, to help, to aid.' Another false friend is 'actuellement' which people will translate as 'actually.' Actuellement means currently, presently, at this moment and never has the sense of 'truly' or 'to tell you the truth.'


On assistera à la présentation d'un produit. Accepted :)


Nous allons assister à la présentation d'un produit... accepted


Another completely ambiguous English sentence!


I looked up what it would be if it was a product launch. It seems that would be: Nous assisterons au lancement du produit - + the arguments about du/d'un


Why un? It could be multiple products by the english


As I recall, in another exercise, "présentation des produits" was used by Duo to mean "product presentation". Why is that not accepted here?

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