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LATIN - poor vocabulary

I love the course and I'm grateful that Duolingo offers it. HOWEVER I have to point out that most of the vocabulary is pretty useless for anyone who wants to speak the language. I mean, what's really the use of learning ''the sear fills the dirty bathtubs'', ''the drunk parrots are angry'' or ''the weasel doesn't know how to write"? It may be funny, but if you squeeze the content of the entire course, there's actually very little that you can use to communicate or even read a basic text. I'm a bit disappointed, I have to be honest. Still, better than nothing, I guess.

July 16, 2020



I mean what if you go to the Central America and see a parrot in a bar drinking some beer?


That honestly made my day @Localcatlover5 XD


At least you know the words after! I think that learning the words and how to articulate them is very important, even if you won’t ever use the context.


As a biologist, "parrot" and "weasel" are important words for me, and I'd imagine that vets (who need to know at least some Latin in many countries) will see it the same way.

And I'm willing to forgive all the words for sanitary and water related things, since the Romans were (rightly so) quite proud of their plumbing and their water pipes.

Besides, it's not that likely that we'll find ourselves having to use Latin out in the real world, so the excentricities make the course fun.


the weasel doesn't know how to write

Who knows maybe one day Weasel will write and speak so this sentence be important.

Weasel #1 "Hey Bob what's your wife writing today?"
Weasel #2 "My wife doesn't know how to write."


I happen to know the Weasels. Mrs. Weasel does know how to write, though truth be told she does not write well.

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