"Je pense que tu as besoin d'un avis médical."

Translation:I think you need a medical opinion.

July 16, 2020

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why not: I think you need medical advice?


medical advice - it's the same thing!


I would say it's even a better translation!


In a medical context, not exactly -- see comment by Martyn413385 below.


To be fair to Duo, the meaning of "avis" is "opinion". The French for advice is "conseils". They don't mean the same thing in either language.


Thanks for that; it is easy to forget that a word that is similar to the English doesn't necessarily mean the same.


It's rarely to use "a medical opinion" in medicine and healthcare center, "medical advice" is often much more used, I think...


Opinion and advice have quite different meanings in English. A "medical opinion" would be to provide information about analysis/diagnosis/prognosis relating to a medical condition. eg "I think you are suffering from flu". "Medical advice" would be what to do about the condition, eg "Take two aspirin and go to bed early."


That's a good distinction, but in a medical context 'opinion' can be used more widely. A doctor can make a diagnosis and recommends, say, an operation. The patient might accept the diagnosis but want to explore alternatives to an operation: they would still say 'I want a second opinion on the need for an operation'.

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