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"Se on pullo mustaa limonadia."

Translation:It is a bottle of black soda pop.

July 16, 2020



Since when has lemonade become universally known as 'soda pop'? I think lemonade should be accepted -- even Google Translate thinks so!


I totally agree !


Is limomadia being pronounced correctly here? To me it sounds like limon-AY-di-UH, which is not how I would expect it to sound.

[deactivated user]

    It's pronounced very strangely. To me it sounds "limoneidiö". (I'm a native.)


    I was marked wrong for 'It is a bottle of black lemonade'. Surely lemonade is acceptable? We Brits never say 'soda pop', soda is something we put in whisky.


    If I went into a shop here in the UK and asked for soda pop I would be given a strange look. Soda is for those drinking poor quality whisky, even then you would ask for it by a brand name. Lemonade is the proper ENGLISH translation.


    Where's the 'of' in finnish sentence?


    I believe the English word 'of' is in this instance translated by changing the nominative 'limonadi' to the partitive 'limonadia'.


    Must be liquorice flavoured. ;)

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