"He broke both heels last Saturday."

Translation:Il s'est cassé les deux talons samedi dernier.

July 16, 2020

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why isn't tous les deux accepted?


I think tous les deux acts as a pronoun rather than an adjective. It means both of you, both of them etc


Il a cassé les deux talons samedi dernier. Should be correct non? Hopefully on the way home from the drag show, not on the way there.


Luminous, your sentence is not correct because the verb in this sentence is 'se casser'. Thus it has to be conjugated using 'être' and the correct translation is 'Il s'est cassé les …'.


I was translating from English to French. But really I was just having a little fun - les talons can also mean high-heeled shoes.


dernier Samedi ? It would be nice if someone be kind enough to remind me once more. Many thanks!


Dernier normally goes after nouns related to time -- la semaine dernière (last week). When in front of a noun related to time it means final in a sequence -- le dernier jour de la semaine est dimanche (the last day of the week is Sunday).

Otherwise dernier comes before the noun, even when its meaning is ambiguous - le dernier épisode can mean the previous episode or the final episode in a series as I learned in another Duo exercise.


Thanks, Luminous Moose.

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