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  5. "Onko Polle kiltti hevonen?"

"Onko Polle kiltti hevonen?"

Translation:Is Polle a well behaved horse?

July 16, 2020



When we first see this word, killti is translated as kind. And here it's not accepted. So much for consistency


Isn't well-behaved a more common spelling? Typing it that way triggers You missed a space message.


I'm not too sure about English words and when to use a hyphen and when not to, but I guess you could still report that and see if the people behind this course will add it to correct answers.


Can confirm. When two or more words are acting as a single adjective, they are hyphenated.


Well behaved is hyvin käyttäytyvä. Kiltti is nice. That sentence is bad fin. Should be more like Osaako Polle käyttäytyä hyvin? Can Polle behave nicely?


Why hevonen and not hevoa?


"Hevoa" is not a Finnish word - "horse" means "hevonen". Even though it has the -nen ending, it's still a normal noun. If you were trying to form a partitive case for some reason, that would be "hevosta", but this sentence does not need it to be in partitive case.


Couldn't you say 'Is Polle a good horse?' Since good and well-behaved are used in a similar context in english?

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