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  5. "Tuolla on järvi."

"Tuolla on järvi."

Translation:There is a lake there.

July 16, 2020



Tuolla has always been translated to "over there", seems like it should be an accepted answer too?


When I did this lesson, the correct answer was, "There is a lake there."

My answer was, "There is a lake." In English, we might say, There is a lake over there," but we would not say "There is a lake there."


"the lake is over there" is in my opinion the correct translation


I vaguely recall being very lost by a prior discussion on this when I'd first entered dl-finnish, but now a bit further along, I'm still urged and now slightly more confident to ask whether the Finnish (proto-Sami) conception or geographic scale of a jarvi (lake) is more in proportion with a meri (sea), and therefore being so large, just can't even be pointed at, as "right there",... or "over here", but rather can be rendered it as being (generally) "there" as in "existing"?

I'm enjoying my intro by dl-finnish (bundled with all its unique challenges, subtle partitive, minor technical glitches, a vibrant supportive mentorship, and quirky discussion banter), almost in the same way, as when as a kid i was introduced to negotiating the maze-like wonders held in a traditional thesaurus.


In duolingo, Why is "tuolla on järvi" "there is a lake there", and is "tuolla on joki" "there is a river over there" in english


Agreed. This is the most finicky and inconsistent module I've ever encountered on Duolingo.


There is a lake over there. Why is it suddenly wrong?


It's not. Report it


Answer provided by the department of redundancy department.


Why is 'tuolla on järvi' 'there is a lake there' in english, and 'tuolla on joki'


I think that should be an accepted answer


Has it to do with the lake? Everywhere else "over there" is required. Not just accepted.


Report it. It should be accepted


"Over there is the lake" is correct (verified)

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