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"You have a beautiful kantele."

Translation:Teillä on kaunis kantele.

July 16, 2020



"Sinulla on kaunis kantele" also works.


Yeah it does but the difference is that sinulla on is for you (one person) whereas this is you (collective). Duolingos fault for not specifying really


I tend to see instruments as owned by a single person, so getting this sentence in English I assume it means singular you. But maybe in Finnish homes you have the family kantele hanging on the wall and it is good manners to praise it when you are a guest?


There is only an English finnish course yet. If there would be one in French or German, the pronouns would be less confusing.


I'm doing these purple expert challenges and Duo states that only three mistakes are allowed, but the third mistake ends the game; hence, only two mistakes are allowed. (Aug 2021)

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