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  5. "Yksi kala, kiitos."

"Yksi kala, kiitos."

Translation:One fish, please.

July 16, 2020



Is "thank you" instead of "please" not acceptable here?


English prefers to use "thank you" when receiving something and "please" when asking for something, but I'm not sure if native English speakers would use "thank you" here or not. For me it sounds a bit weird, though. (I'm Finnish myself.)


I am a native english speaker and it can be either one, it’s more or less saying thank you in advance that is used when you’re already expecting them to hand you this item. It is more contextual, i suppose, but i wouldn’t count it as wrong.


Well, in that case I think both should be correct! Finnish has only this one word, "kiitos" and it's other spoken language variations.


I am sure that "please" is better than "thank you" here. But nevertheless one cannot say that "one fish, thank you" is wrong.


Thank you for offering me two fish, but...


You can also use Thank you

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