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  5. "Me grillaamme ja laulamme."

"Me grillaamme ja laulamme."

Translation:We are barbecuing and singing.

July 16, 2020



why cant i just say - we grill and sing? :D thanks :)


I'd like to know this too :)


It should be acceptable! Please report the sentence to the contributors the next time you encounter that error.


Grilling = Barbecuing, not sure why Grilling is not accepted


Grilling is accepted now.


I just put "We are grilling and singing" and it wasn't accepted. Reported 21.05.21.


"We're having a barbecue and singing" should be correct too.


I think in English "to barbeque" and "to have a barbeque" have slightly different meanings. Barbequing usually just means cooking with a barbeque, but I think having a barbeque can often indicate more of an experience (barbequing, having friends over, eating together, and having fun). I don't know if the Finnish word can be used both ways or only to literally mean "cooking with a barbeque", so it would be helpful if a fluent Finnish speaker could comment on this.


I can only comment on my own experience, but I'm from Michigan and grilling and barbecuing are the exact same concepts. There is literally no difference between the two. My neighbor never says barbecuing, he's always "grillin'", while a friend from Tallahassee says, "B.B.Q-ing." Maybe in Finland there is a difference but not on this side of the Internet.


The discussion was not about the difference between "to grill" and "to barbecue" but about the difference between "to barbecue" and "to have a barbecue".


Where I live, there is a huge difference between "to barbeque" and "to have a barbeque". The latter need not even actually involve bbq at all, and mostly consists of friends standing around drinking beer in the summer while someone cooks something on a grill.


I agree that having a BBQ is a wider concept than grilling, so it would only be a good translation if the Finnish can mean either.


Having a barbecue, meaning a barbecue party, would be grillijuhlat / grillibileet or such.


If the sentence was "Me grillaamme makkaraa", as a native UK-English speaker I would say "We are grilling sausages" rather than "We are barbecuing sausages".


"We grill and we sing" is not accepted... :(


One question earlier the correct is only "having a barbecue", here it's only barbecuing. Decide. Reported.


I concur that 'having a barbecue' should be accepted. In fact, I think I saw that popping up as a translation in earlier exercise.


So to say "we barbecue and sing" is wrong?


Having a barbecue is the normal expression. The verb "to barbecue" requires a direct object, so can't really be used as you have it.


It may be because my dialect of English is southern US - but "to barbecue" doesn't require an object; you can simply say "I'm barbecuing." This is sometimes directly analogous to "grilling" in general, but it can also more specifically mean you're grilling and also meanwhile basting what you're grilling with bbq sauce of some kind.

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