"Marie s'est perdue en faisant un footing."

Translation:Marie got lost while jogging.

July 16, 2020

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Marie became lost??


I hear that anglicisms like these are used in French now:

Marie s'est perdue en faisant du jogging. or Marie s'est perdue pendant son jogging.


Faire du jogging is given as the only translation for jogging in my 2005 Merriam-Webster Fr-En, En-Fr paperback dictionary. So not even that new! But footing translates to jogging in the same dictionary. Good to know both!


I find "got" such an ugly word in very rarely needed. "Marie became lost", I feel, is a much nicer sounding phrase and is correct English but it is not accepted by Duo. Reported


Perhaps: Marie got lost while going on a jog - it's more literal, but I've no idea if it is accepted. In the UK it's common to talk about "a jog" as a specific instance of jogging.


Footing is an english word

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