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  5. "Where is the Russian church?"

"Where is the Russian church?"

Translation:Missä venäläinen kirkko on?

July 16, 2020



"Missä on venäläinen kirkko" is also correct.


However, it is less definite.


So if I phrase it that way, would a native speaker understand it as "where is (there) a Russian church"?


I'm a little troubled about the choice of words here. I know, that for instance in Germany the term "Russian church" is used for Greek orthodox churches, but in Finland they are called ortodoksinen kirkko, not venäläinen since there are Greek orthodox believers, who definitely are not Russians.

And there are Russian speaking lutherans too, so "a Russian church" is a misnomer.


Venäläinen kirkko on Pietarissa.


You should correct this in the app. Missä on Venelainen kirkko is also OK


Not counting the couple of typos you have there is the issue of definiteness Pieni chilipalko has mentioned. See also my answer regarding the whole term venäläinen kirkko.

[deactivated user]

    A sentence I might actually use! Jee!

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