"Les chats que tu as adoptés perdent leurs poils."

Translation:The cats that you adopted are losing their hair.

July 16, 2020

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[deactivated user]

    Not where I live. When it's no longer on the animal it's called hair. You wouldn't say I'm always vacuuming up the dog fur or cat fur.

    And we would say animals shed hair, not lose it. Unless the cats are going bald.


    I guess i would expect "fur" here, because we're talking about "leurs poils", the fur belonging to the cats.

    When we say "cat hair" that makes it sound like it's just lying about someplace.

    Really though, it's the same thing and both are accepted.


    Don't understand why I can't use shedding instead of losing their hair.


    You are right and it should be reported. "Perdre" can mean to shed leaves, fur, or hair.


    Cat's have fur not hair.


    As it happened, I wrote "loosing" instead of "losing". Seriously, this should be regarded as a typo since it doesn't imply any misunderstanding of French (or even English for that matter).

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