"Je créais des logiciels dans ma chambre."

Translation:I was creating software programs in my room.

July 16, 2020

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"Software programs" is not how I say it in English. "Computer programs", "computer software" or just "software" are all far better.


Exactly... if it's software, it's necessarily a program. "Software program" is redundant.


Je créais........I used to creat software programs in my room.......


I created software in my room. Accepted.


I created software programs in my room will be " j'ai créé des logiciels dans ma chamber. But "I used to create"or "I was creating.....room". will be "je créais..........chamber ".....


Why is "I used to write software in my bedroom" rejected?


Maybe the emphasis is that creating means developing software to do something new and novel, and writing software means writing code to do a task that existing software already does. E.g. I was writing software to send documents to the printer (a fairly routine task that most software already does)


I normally would use "write" not "create" in English unless I really was trying to stress the creative aspect. Btw, as a software developer, I disagree with your dichotomy. Used to create software is weird because it combines the routine (used to) with what you say is extraordinary (create).

What I want to know, though, is do the French use créer or écrire or some ither verb to describe the act of writing software?


We say: écrire un programme.


My thoughts too. I wouldn't normally create software. That sounds like magic.


Another sensible translation rejected: "I used to create computer programs in my bedroom". Reported


What's wrong with "I used to program software in my room"?


I'm having a hard time distinguishing "j'ai créé" from "je créais" by ear... Any tips?


Créé vs. créais is really hard. That second vowel sound in créais should be different (more like the vowel in crème) but in an open syllable it can be hard to hear and in fact some areas of France they pronounce it as a é, meaning there is no difference.

Je vs. J'ai is easier, though. Je has a schwa sound (uh) that is quite different from both é and è. She's clearly saying "Je", so grammatically it cannot be followed by créé.

What's really hard is future (je créerai) vs. conditional (je créerais).


Thanks!! I guess it's also quite hard to spot when people are speaking quite fast. More practice needed. :)


I wrote "I created computer programs in my room". "Software", "programs", "computer programs", "computer software" etc .. to varying degrees, refer to the same thing.


All the cool kids are doing it.


Finally a relatable sentence by Duo


programs/ programmes English!

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