"Vous vous asseyiez sur ce vieux tronc-là."

Translation:You used to sit on that old trunk.

July 16, 2020

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Tronc should be translated as tree trunk which is the only meaning it has in French. In English, trunk can mean the main part of a tree, a male's swimsuit or a large packing box made of metal or leather (une malle, in French) which gives us 'the trunk of a car' in North America and 'the boot of the car' in the UK.


Oh! That's where American's get the word from. Lightbulb moment


... that old trunk there?


Là is an adverb which is used to define a place and usually it means 'there'. It can also be used to Express that and those . Here it is being used to Express 'that'. Ces gens = these people, ces gens-là = those people..ces maisons,= these houses ,,ces maisons-là.= those houses.


How do you know when it means "that" and when it means "there"?


It does not actually "mean" "that".

But adding a "-là" (= "there") suffix to "ce/cette/ces" + [noun] => "that [noun]" or "that there [noun]" or "that [noun] there".


If I had said Vous vous asseyiez sur ce vieux tronc-ci., would that mean; You used to sit on this old trunk.?


Yes, I believe that's right

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