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"Sanovatko huuhkajat huhuu, kun he pelaavat jalkapalloa?"

Translation:Do the eagle owls say hoot when they play soccer?

July 16, 2020



I would prefer the translation as: -Do the eagle owls hoot-, ie without the -say-.


And to be exact, the Finnish one isn't grammatically too correct either. I don't know if DL can even include quotation marks but you'd say this phrase in proper Finnish like this: Sanovatko Huuhkajat "huhuu", kun he pelaavat jalkapalloa?

I'm still a little bit annoyed by the fact they're refering to a name of something but still not writing it with a big capital letter, that just is not good Finnish.


Yup. To hoot is a verb in English. Owls hoot, horns hoot. Horns don't say hoot.


is the the before eagle owls required, or would it also be possible to say "Do eagle owls say hoot when they play football?" kiitos

Edit: I guess here it is required because the sentence refers to the finnish national football team...


Weird that they haven't written these with capitals... All names in Finnish get a capital letter too, after all.


Actually, it is accepted without the.


Needs to be "hoot" not "say hoot"

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