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"Neljä valkoista ponia juoksee nopeasti."

Translation:Four white ponies are running fast.

July 16, 2020



my answer 'four white ponies run quickly' is not accepted


"Four white ponies run fast" is not accepted as a correct answer. How is it possible to know which type of present should be used and how would the other forme be?


Nopea = fast, nopeus = speed, nopeasti = quickly.


not a native speaker, just wondering why it's not "juoksevat" (they run) when multiple ponies are running


Four ponies expresses a plural idea, but grammatically it is singular in Finnish. The best comparison I can give in English is how we say "the family is.." rather than "the family are..", even though family includes multiple people.


Because you have a number before and because of that you also use the partitive case instead of the plural form. (Not a native speaker, just found it on my grammar book)


It can and should allow for "four ponies" or THE four ponies.

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