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" Mitä kuuluu? Ihan hyvää, kiitos."

Translation:– How are you? – Pretty well, thank you.

July 16, 2020



The second half of the sentence was, "Pretty well, thank you."

I have heard, "Pretty good, thank you," and "Well, thank you." I do not remember hearing, "Pretty well, thank you." It sounds odd in this phrase.


yeah it sounds weird - - I feel like is used more in the "i'm fine" or "Im alright" sense usually


❤❤❤ ? Thanks and Thank you mean the same thing, no?


How about "just fine, thanks"?


"Pretty good" is almost universal now, though it seems to have started in America. It should definitely be one of the options. "Pretty well" ... I don't think I've ever heard anyone say those words in that combination! "Quite well", perhaps, but never "Pretty well".


I might say "pretty well" in response to "how's it going," but not to "how are you." But then, I never really say "I'm well" at all, so someone who does might be more likely to use this construction.


Thanks not accepted, only thank you.


How is it going? Shall be ok too.


I answered "How are you? - Pretty well, thanks" and was marked as incorrect. Given it is an informal phase, wouldn´t "thank you" and "thanks" be interchangeable?

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