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"I will never taste your weird dishes."

Translation:Je ne goûterai jamais tes plats bizarres.

July 16, 2020


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I purposely add "de" before "tes plats", following another exercise where " je ne bois jamais de ton cafe". But duo refuses that.

Either the current one without "de" is wrong, or the another one with "de" is wrong!


They are both correct. "Café" requires the "de" because it is an uncountable noun, and "plats" requires no "de" because it is a countable noun.


this is so repetitive. the same sentences over and over and over.


Android phones usually have a rectangle on the bottom right of the screen which gives the option to 'Screenshot' or' Select!. The latter is very easy to Copy+paste text, even into this 'Discuss page.

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