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  5. "I run two meters."

"I run two meters."

Translation:Ik ren twee meter.

August 8, 2014



Must be an exhausting cardio workout. I tend to keep to only 140cm


I stick to micromarathons. 4.2 cm.

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Technically, you could run such a race with a negative time: Your shoulders (plus parts of your torso) can pass the finish line between the "get set" and the starting gun.

For example: This athlete has her shoulders (and part of her torso) about 20 cm past the starting line. https://a.espncdn.com/photo/2009/1023/rise_e_richards2_sy_480.jpg

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Please be aware that shorter races are run at very high speeds ...


Why does the plural of meter not change at all?


Most units in Dutch are in singular, even if they are more than one.

Twee kilometer, tien kilo, vijf uur.


In Welsh, f you specify number you don't need the plural form of any noun. It's odd seeing Metre spelt like that - I feel like I'm in Canada.


Is there a difference between "renen" and "hardlopen"?


The infinitve for ren is rennen btw. The e in ren is short, to maintain the short e you have to use two n's. It is explained here: http://blogs.transparent.com/dutch/spelling-in-dutch-part-two/.

The difference between rennen and hardlopen is that hardlopen is the verb for the sport, and running just the activity. So you would translate the run in I had to run to make it in time with the verb rennen. But if you want to say To lose weight, I started running you'd use hardlopen. So rennen is more casual, and hardlopen more serious.


Why is it ok to say 'wij rennen vijftien meter LANG' but not 'ik ren twee meter lang' ? Please don't answer in grammar-speak, because I don't understand it. Please give me examples.

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