"J'irai plus vite en faisant de la planche à voile."

Translation:I will go faster by going windsurfing.

July 16, 2020

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I don't quite understand what this sentence means in English - I will go faster compared to what? Also, is en faisant by going windsurfing or while going windsurfing?


When you windsurf you move faster than when you're swimming/walking/doing cartwheels. Really anything that would be slower than windsurfing.


also accepted if you miss out "going"


Should also be accepted without "while".


j'irai plus vite en allant faire de la planche a voile 'en faisant de la planche a voile' = windsurfing


... with a following shark!


The lessons are too long and the translation to English suck. windsurfing is a verb.


Windsurfing is verb, but can be used as a noun... for instance, when using the word as a short term for the art of windsurfing.


To windsurf is a verb. Windsurfing is a noun, more specifically, a gerund. But I think I understand your point, that it is not the action of 'going' windsurfing that increases the speed but rather it is the action of windsurfing itself. In the meantime, I will lose some weight by 'going' walking. ;-)


It isn't a verb in French, so of course the direct default translation will not use it as a verb. The purpose of the default translation is to teach French vocab and grammar, not to sound really cool in English.

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