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  5. "Millainen soitin viulu on?"

"Millainen soitin viulu on?"

Translation:What kind of instrument is the violin?

July 16, 2020



Should "What kind of instrument is a violin?" be accepted?


'The' is unnecessary in front of violin


Is that a British English thing? It is definitely incorrect in American English.


No, as a Brit I can confirm we'd always says 'the' or 'a' here ... shame Duo only accepts one of those options. I'll report the "a violin" version as an options which needs adding. Please feel free, anyone, to explain to me why it would be wrong.


Ah, okay ... I tried "What kind of musical instrument is THE violin?" and that was marked wrong as well! It seems perhaps Duo doesn't like "musical instrument" here ... even though it's one of the translations for soitin . Another report filed!


I answered this as .........what kind of instrument is violin ? it is WRONG? why ? are you talking of the Antonio Vivaldi's violin that I have to use the article "the" to signify it as a particular/special violin ?


A native English speaker, I use "the violin" to speak of all violins generally. I would never use violin as a singular noun without an article (a/the). I would use it as an adjective without an article, like in violin recital or violin section.

[deactivated user]

    I don't know if yours is correct, but I would feel like saying "what kind of an instrument is violin".

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