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  5. "Me olemme marjassa metsässä."

"Me olemme marjassa metsässä."

Translation:We are picking berries in the forest.

July 16, 2020



Can someone explain what's going on grammatically with "marjassa" in this sentence?


I thought that "marjassa" literal translation (to me, anyway) of "in berries" was similar in a way to "frozen" being the literal translation of jäässä being "in ice" ... but now I'm wondering, due to Raymondnal's comment ...


You are absolutely correct, although the "marja" in "olla marjassa" is singular, so the literal translation is "to be in a berry". If you go berry-picking, you say "mennä marjaan" (to go into a berry". :)

You could, however, also express this with "olla poimimassa marjoja", which literally is "to be picking berries". However, "marjassa" works just as fine, even if the expression might sound strange to a language learner.

Other similar expressions include:

"olla mustikassa", "mennä mustikkaan" (bilberry/blueberry)

"olla mansikassa", "mennä mansikkaan" (strawberry)

"olla sienessä", "mennä sieneen" (mushroom)


Why can't we say "We are berry picking in the forest." The Finnish does not indicate a verb and object, so berry picking should also be OK


Yeah, that should work too. :) Did you report it?

[deactivated user]

    Come on Duolingo metsä can bee Woods or forest!!


    The Finnish is not accurate. "We are in the berry forest" is what the Finnish says. "Poiminta" is the Finnish word for picking.


    Is there a Finn who can confirm?


    "We are in the berry forest" would be "me olemme marjametsässä", which is not what this sentence tries to express.

    "Poiminta" is indeed "picking", and you could absolutely say "me olemme metsässä poimimassa marjoja" (we are in the forest picking berries). However, the expression "olla marjassa", which literally means "to be in a berry" communicates the exact same thing. So the sentence and its translation here are correct.

    You can also say e.g. "olla mustikassa" (lit. to be in a bilberry/blueberry), "olla mansikassa" (to be in a strawberry), "olla sienessä" (to be in a mushroom), etc. when you mean "to be picking bilberries/blueberries, strawberries, mushrooms". :)


    It is like it is a verb - berrying. We are berrying in the forest.


    Yes, in English I've referred to going 'blackberrying', so it's the same premise.


    Why is 'in the woods' never accepted for metsässä? Are the words forest & woods really that different in meaning in Finnish. 'Forest' is one of those English words that I can never manage to spell correctly.


    I blame the movie "Forrest Gump" for the spelling confusion!

    Yes, definitely "in the woods" or "in the wood" should both be accepted (it's one of those English words where there's no difference between the plural and singular: you can go for a walk in the wood, and you can also go for a walk in the woods and it's the same thing). According to the infamous rhetorical question, it's the place where the karhut do their business, after all, not the forest!


    which one is the word of ´picking´


    It doesn't exist in the Finnish sentence because the berry picking is expressed with "olla marjassa", which literally means "to be in a berry" but of course actually means "to be picking berries".


    What’s wrong with “gathering berries”?

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