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"We would prefer to not work together."

Translation:On préférerait ne pas travailler ensemble.

July 16, 2020



This lesson brings forward one of my biggest gripes with Duolingo; they refuse to explain the reason or the rule behind the grammar. I get that the method is, as they say "to learn by making mistakes" but at some point, my mind fails to hold so many examples by rote memorization (age has its privileges and its costs). More importantly, I learn better by understanding the principle behind the choice of words, and then applying it.

Thank you for your patience, I know none of us here can do anything about this but I needed to vent; this is really getting to me today.


You can always study outside of Duolingo. You can quickly find resources on the internet that explain everything we learn here. Use your search engine for "French conditional tense" or "on vs nous ", or whatever is confusing you.

And of course, if you could pose your specific question here, other users would be happy to explain it. Then you could pay it forward by helping someone else in a future lesson.


Why can't 'nous' be used here? I'm really confused as to why WE has to be expressed as 'one' (on) instead of 'we' (nous) in some sentences, and I can never work out when it has to be one or the other.


I used the nous form too, marked wrong, so I checked on another site and that site was quite happy with it. I have asked duo to accept it


I'm guessing the reason is like mine-a small mistake that's easy to overlook; something like "de ne pas" instead of "ne pas"


"Nous préférerions ne pas travailler ensemble" is accepted 4/6/21


not accepted today! 6 Dec 21


It didn't accept it on 4/16/21 why?


Next time copy/paste your response in your reply, maybe there is another mistake.


"nous" works for me (May 16 2021)


Why is it not "ne travailler pas"?


When the verb is in the infinitive form, it comes after ne pas.
   Ne pas tenter d'ouvrir les portes avant l'arrêt du train.
   Ne pas fumer.
   Merci de ne pas marcher sur la pelouse.


But why can't it go around the préférerait?


Because it's a grammar rule: When an infinitive verb is negated, ne pas goes together in front of the infinitive.


Around préférerait would translate we would not prefer to work together, sounds less natural in english and i suspect therefore less natural in french.


Why is it not "on préférerait de ne pas travailler ensemble"?

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