"Il fait un régime, mais il a le droit d'en manger."

Translation:He is on a diet, but he is allowed to eat some of it.

July 16, 2020

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he is on a diet but he is allowed to eat it ... marked wrong. This section, as the others new ones, is a pain.. you must guess the exact order of the exact words, no synonyms allowed!!!


I believe that would be "... de LE manger."


I agree, jwbards.

  • Il mange la pizza => il la mange => he eats it. (The whole pie)

  • Il mange de la pizza => il en mange => he eats some of it. (Part of the pie)


But the de in this sentence is there because of the phrase avoir le droit de. The en is very easy to interpret both ways so it should be marked correct as such


This english translation is a disaster. It sounds like he's eating "some of" his diet. Makes no sense.


Whatever "en" refers to in prior conversation that we don't see here.


But he has the right to eat some of it.......


I think "en" is a word typically French. Sometimes it needs to be translated - J'ai dix fleurs et je vais t'en offrir (I have 10 flowers and I am going to give you some of them.) Sometimes it should simply be left out when translated into English - Avant, nous n'avions pas de machine à laver mais maintenant nous en avons une. (Before, we didn't have a microwave, but now we have one (not one of them).)

The exercise here belongs to the latter case - He is on a diet, but he is allowed to eat.


Makes sense. Here's a lingot.

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