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  5. "Laulatko sinä?"

"Laulatko sinä?"

Translation:Do you sing?

July 16, 2020



Can it also translate to "are you singing?"


i find "Do you sing" sounds like you're asking the person if they sing as a hobby while "are you singing" refers to the action of singing in that moment, which gives two different meanings to the sentence, I just don't know which one is the correctly translated meaning


May be "are you singing" wouldn't be asked in practical situations (if a person is singing, another person can listen to it and sees it anyway, so why ask) and so in this case it means, "do you sing"?


Whats the difference between laulatko and laulavatko?


Laulatko is 2nd person singular.

Laulavatko is 3rd person plural.

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