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"Darling, we will need that map."

Translation:Kulta, me tarvitsemme tuota karttaa.

July 16, 2020



Can the "me" be omitted?

[deactivated user]

    We need that map, the sentence is not conjugated for present imperfect "will need" the Finnish is not correct in that context


    "We need that map" should work too. However, Finnish doesn't really have a future tense, so you can also translate the clause using "will".

    "Tarvitsemme tuota karttaa (huomenna)" - We will need that map (tomorrow).


    Question: what is the role played by the partitive (i.e., "...tuota karttaa") in this sentence? Is it to express the idea that the verb (i.e., "to need") is irresultative?

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