"En septembre, les étudiants s'inscrivent à l'université."

Translation:In September, students enroll in the university.

July 16, 2020

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In my part of the English speaking word we would say enrol at school, and 'enrol in' sounds a little strange!

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    In America, we enroll IN classes, AT the university.


    Yes, Duo, please accept "enrol at..." as this is common usage.

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    In the UK we would enrol at university in October (September for some universities. We would apply to universities in February (or earlier) and would then be accepted based on summer exam results. Enrolling is the registration and form filling we do when we actually 'go up'.


    'AT' not 'IN' would be correct UK English


    September is a bit late to enroll in a university, isn't it? Over here you better start applying in February if you want to get into a good university. Is it really common in france to wait till the last minute to enroll in institutions of higher education?


    Enroll is when you pay the money and (figuratively) inscribe (inscrivent) your name in the roll book. That could be in September, even though you were accepted by the university earlier in the year.


    Good point. Also, we would tend to say, "enroll in college" or "enroll in school", rather than "enroll in the university." Unless it is a specific university.


    This section is just a mess. Seriously! Not only that it is not flexible at all, the only correct answer is sometimes wrong or weird.


    Which word is more commonly used in French, étudiant or élève?

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    Élève is quite a generic word for a student, étudiant is normally used to refer to a university student.


    's'inscrire' to register: students 'register' at the university. I think this should be accepted.

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      Thanks, 4MaryAnn7, you inspired me to look it up. Per Barron's French-English: "s'inscrire à une école", to enroll in a school; "s'inscrire à une faculté", to register at a university, college... Have a lingot & a great day!


      How would you say they apply to the university?


      For students you use etudients; at other times you use les eleves. Is there a rule for which you should use?


      Why les etuidants and not les eleves? what is the difference.Please explain.

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      My comment above might help.


      This is a bit odd in English for several reasons. Typically we would put the timing at the end of the statement. - however this is not the order of the French sentence. We might also say "Registration/enrolment at university takes place in September or October" or "University enrolment is usually in September"- there's really no need to mention the students.


      In North America, students enrol in university long before September, and at other times of the year elsewhere. This sentence isn't correct either in French or in English. Duo needs a better example here.


      In September students enroll themselves in the university. What's the problem with this?


      Technically speaking, students don't 'enrol themselves', they turn up and are enroled by an administrator or tutor.


      To enrol is not a reflexive verb in English, although it is in French in this context.


      In fact that's what I thought too in this context. That's why the doubt. But there seems to a catch somewhere.

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