When I start a skill, especially when I practice, if the first sentence is a dictation exercise, the sound stays off. Only when I push the "slow" button I will get sound and be able to write things down.

May 15, 2013


It’s possible that you have an outdated version of Flash installed, you installed browser extensions that block Flash (i.e. flashblock), or that Flash crashed. Can you try doing the following and let me know if you still encounter the same issue?

Take these steps:

  1. Try reloading the page in your browser.

  2. Try quitting and restarting your browser.

If 1 and 2 don’t do the trick, update Flash. Here’s a helpful link to get you on your way

Try removing/disabling browser extensions Some tips for how to do that in specific browsers: Chrome - IE - Firefox -

Thank you. I updated Flash (again). Now I have to keep on practising in order to find out if it works.

It worked, but I still got problems twice. "skill/es/Verbs - Modal 2: ella no quiso ir a la fiesta" and "skill/it/Adjectives - 2/practice: qui da noi non è legale." I don't mind so much because there is always a way to get the sound and secondly I only have to finish my last skill in Spanish and then I will turn to other things. Cheers Bob

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