"It is going to be necessary to buy a new coffee maker."

Translation:Il va falloir acheter une nouvelle cafetière.

July 16, 2020

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Could someone please advise on when to use cafétière versus machine à café?


From my research, it appears a "cafetiere" is a french press/bodum style of coffee maker, a "cafetière goutte-à-goutte" is a drip style coffee maker, and a "machine a cafe" is a high pressure coffee maker like you would use to make an espresso or latte. They are all "coffee makers" in English, so I think all should be accepted.


sur le canape neuf la nouvelle cafetiere How is one to know which position new goes in - before or after the noun


I used 'neuve' to indicate a brand new coffee maker. Why is it marked wrong?


Why is it wrong to use necessaire instead of falloir in this sentence?


coffe maker ==> machine à (faire le) café ; cafetière ==> coffee pot


What is the rule for the position of the adjective, before or after the noun. Your program marks me wrong both ways. 'there seems to be no rule

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