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  5. "Heillä on moderni koti."

"Heillä on moderni koti."

Translation:They have a modern home.

July 16, 2020



Koti kind of sounds like "cottage", which would (probably) be a nice "home". Just a way I like to remember it!


I hear two accents in "koti". Am I right?


Even if you do, it doesn't matter in Finnish, and you should keep the stronger accent on the first syllable, ko-.


koti - home, house, or not? So why "house" is wrong??


Koti is home, the place you live in whether you own it or not, whether it be house or an apartment. Talo is a house, any house. You can own a house or many houses, or an apartment (asunto). Or you have rented it and then it's not your talo/asunto, but it's still your koti. If you own many houses, but live only in one of them, the others are your houses but not your home/koti. You can also say koti about your childhood home or you can have your kakkoskoti (second home), for example a cottage (mökki). I don't think this differs from English. Kotikaupunki is your home town etc.


So as Russian I can figure out that koti is дом like in "я дома" or just "finally! home sweet home".


Could that sentence mean that their home is modern in terms of customs or family's believes and behaviour rather than having modern furniture or interior design?

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