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"What kind of grill do you have?"

Translation:Millainen grilli teillä on?

July 16, 2020



How can you know if they mean you as the plural or you as the singular?

[deactivated user]

    Either one should be accepted. Context.


    Can you say : Millainen grilli onko sinulla?

    It was incorrect in my case. Thanks a lot :D


    You have two question words in your sentence, "millainen" and "onko", which isn't necessary.

    Also, in statements and questions with questions words such as "millainen", "mikä", "kuka" etc. (i.e. not the question suffix -kO) the order of the subject and predicate verb stays the same.

    Sinulla on grilli.

    Millainen grilli sinulla on?

    Miksi sinulla on grilli?


    English: S + V -> V + S? (You are x. - Who are you?)

    Finnish: S + V -> S + V? (Sinä olet x. -> Kuka sinä olet?)


    Why is the translation "Millainen grilli sinulla on?" incorrect?


    Report, it's oikein

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