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  5. "Voi ei, kello on rikki."

"Voi ei, kello on rikki."

Translation:Oh no, the clock is broken.

July 16, 2020



My, how monotonous this all sounds! There is absolutely no emotion in these sentences. I wonder if this is the normal way to speak Finnish. How do you usually express feelings like joy, sadness, anger, surprise or disappointment? Be it as it may, I am very grateful for this course and all the work done by its creators and contributors. Thank you!


Finnish is actually pretty monotone to be honest. Stress always falls on the first syllable, little intonation... Also: emotions can be expressed in many ways (word choices, word order, body language etc.)


Intonation is also involved in expressing emotions. Expressing some sort of emotion is one of the few instances where intonation can clearly rise.


It's of course spoken by a robot but it sounded normal to me. I think that will just tell you something about the normal...

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