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  5. "Haistelen kukkaa."

"Haistelen kukkaa."

Translation:I am sniffing the flower.

July 16, 2020



Why is "I am sniffing a flower" incorrect? As I understand from previous comments, without context we cannot decide wether "a/the" should be used. Can someone clarify my confusion?


This sounds funny in English. Would "I am smelling the flower" be an option?


As a rule of thumb, verbs about senses are not used with a continous aspect. Also, "to smell" is a passive action whereas "to sniff" is not.


What about “I smell the flower”? Sniff in the sense of smelling is generally used to describe something a dog would do, humans would sniff to express disapproval or sniff when the nose is running. Is it the same animal connotation for haistella or it is a “human” verb too? Thanks.


To smell something is to merely be aware of an aroma entering your nose, whether it was intentional or not. It is therefore passive. To sniff something is to intentionally draw air into your nose. At least in Finnish, there is no animal connotation whatsoever in it.


Thank you! Was just making sure, because I wouldn’t want to sound like I’m a dog. :) In US people say “smell this flower” when they want someone human to check out the smell. Ah, those nuances with translations!


How would you say than: "I am smelling the flower" in Finnish?


It depends on what exactly that's supposed to mean. If it's a passive action, meaning you're not really doing anything and just become aware of an aroma entering your nose, then it could be translated as "Minä haistan kukan".


I'd say they use sniff and stinks so it's always clear which type of smelling.


I made a mistake but the response said ” nice”. Probably needs to be fixed

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