My thanks to those who are developing this beta Finnish program. I am so happy to have it available. My late father was from Jyvaskyla, and I feel like he would love that I am practicing my Finnish! Kiitos! Kippis!

July 16, 2020


Hi RJJ. Better edit the topic (currently Duolingo) and move it to the Finnish forum. That way at least it'll stay up and the contributors get a chance to read it too. ;-)

It's a great course!

Thank you for the tip on editing the topic! I have moved it to the Finnish area.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it turned into a popular topic in the Duolingo forum all the same.


Terve! Well done with your Finnish and I hope you continue to enjoy doing it! I’m sure your father would be proud, and I pray that he is in a better place :) Keep going!

Thank you for your encouragement!

I'm sorry about your father, but I share your joy on the Finnish course!

Thank you for your kindness, and yes, it is so much fun!

I came here in hopes there would be kittens.

I am disappoint. :P

(I do not speak one bit of Finnish and had no idea what kiitos was). I am glad you are enjoying the course and learning a new language :)

There's a kitten.

It means "Thanks" in Finnish ;)

It doesn mean Thanks and those of us who learned a bit a Finnish recognized it right away as a Finnish discussion ;) I thought that was clever :)

Haha, same! I thought there would be kittens to. ;)

:) Haha, sorry no kittens, but we have learned that "cat" in Finnish is "kissa," so now you have two words from the Finnish course!

I really like the Finnish course too! Sorry for your loss, though.

Thank you for your kindness!

I'm very thankful for the Finnish course being added as well! Been wanting to learn some of the language since I was 14 and went to Finland to visit relatives. I love that you're honoring your father!

Memo to me, memo to me. Add Jyväskylä in the next version of the tree. ;)

Thank you for creating this fun, enjoyable course, and the Tips lessons are so helpful. Your sentences featuring sauna, pulla, kahvi, kiltti koira and of course, Sisu all bring to life the Finnish experience as well as the language. Well done! I haven't finished the course yet but hoping there will be lettuja, jäätelö, mansikoita or cloudberries/lingonberries... ;)

Agreed! Thank you to the developpers of the Finnish lessons! Kiitos!

I actually managed to hold somewhat of a conversation in Finnish the other day. I've lived here for a bit over 2 years but learning the language has always been something I've put off since Finns usually have a good grasp on English. After being restricted to grocery store Finnish for years it's really nice to be able to actually respond with more than the usual "Anteeksi, mä en puhu suomea." So yeah, to all the folks involved in making this happen, thanks a lot!

Hey RJJ, awesome you started learning Finnish language, it is a beautiful language. I am sure your father would be proud of you, because Finnish is a pretty difficult language to just start learning. And it is so weird that most of the Finnish community learn English very fast. (In here, Finland, English is a very popular language) But thank you for your time, I support your learning! Kiitos paljon, ystävä! = Thank you friend!

I have a friend in Jyvaskyla, he translates for Nuntii Latini the news in latin

Wow! That would be an interesting and fun job!

Hei RJJ334742, I'm interested in applying to the University of Jyväskylä!

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