"They did a dream cruise to Guadeloupe."

Translation:Ils ont fait une croisière de rêve en Guadeloupe.

July 16, 2020

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Why is it "en guadeloupe" and not "à guadeloupe" - the English makes it sound like they took a cruise to Guadeloupe, which I would think is "à"


'They went on a dream cruise...'


Many of these are literal translations which are very awkward in English. At least awkward in US English. (I suspect awkward in other varieties as well.)

I assume that "Ils ont fait..." works well enough in French for this sentence. I agree that "They went on..." would probably be more natural for a native anglophone.

By the way, Guadeloupe is nice. Good snorkeling. Lots of feral cats, though. We spent some time there a few years ago. Brush up on your French, for sure. Outside the car-rental place at the airport and a few bars on the western side (Basse Terre), I found very few English speakers.


I agree lots are literal translations - but I was beginning to assume that these were more normal in American English! I'm very reassured that they're weird for you too!!

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Ha! No, there's nothing normal about many of these sentences in American English, either.


They've just introduced a new more rigorous marking regime and I'm struggling to complete the exercises. Having to translate poor English into good French is not helping!


Either they went on or took, not did! The word do has become overused in English. As in, let's do lunch, instead of let's have lunch. Sometimes the English on this site makes me cringe.


Just learnt where Guadeloupe is. Never heard of it. Thanks Duo.


I knew Guadeloupe was in the Caribbean, and still very "French," but had never learned exactly where.

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