"I prefer to remember only good times."

Translation:Je préfère me souvenir seulement des bons moments.

July 16, 2020

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I thought with an adjective (e.g., "bons") we use de instead of des?


For more information see https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/use-de-d-instead-of-des-in-front-of-adjectives-preceding-nouns-partitive-article "This rule doesn't apply when des is the contraction of "de + les" (= of/from/to the) "


That begs the question, why does the French have a definite article when there is none in the English sentence?


Most of the time when there is no definite article, it would translate into the French partitive de/des, but sometimes in English the definite article is omitted, while the meaning is such that the definite article is implied.

In this sentence "good times" is not referring to 'some' or 'a portion' good times, so the partitive is not appropriate. You can see this as add 'the' before 'good times' in the sentence gives you the exact same meaning.


Then THE should have been explicit in the English sentence; its absence allows for the partitive.


In English rather than American English it would have " the", I have noticed that articles are frequently dropped in the translations


That's why with se rappeler qqch it is:

je préfère ne me rappeler que les bons moments.


when there is an adjective in front of a noun we use de instead of des, we say de bons moments but we say des moments difficiles , isn't that so???


It's easier to understand if you assume the English is "I prefer to remember only THE good times". See SteveTruon's comment and read the linked article.

Souvenir des bons moments = remember the good times; Souvenir de bons moments = remember some good times.


"Je préfère me souvenir que des bons moments" wrong, but I can't put my finger on it - isn't "que X" "only X" when it introduces the object of the verb?


I think it's that you forgot "ne" in front of me souvenir. The whole "ne .. que" thing trips me up a lot, my brain seems to want to make it negative.


When using 'ne... que', why doesn't 'ne' precede 'préfère' rather than 'me souvenir'?


Can someone please give me the whole sentence using "ne ... que" format.


Je préfère ne me souvenir que des bons moments.


je prefere ne me souvenir que de bons moments. Is this ok for the ne que form? Duo marks it incorrect


je prefere ne me souvenir que des bons moments . I put de instead of des , now marked correctly


Why is it bon moments and not times?


"je prefère ne me souvenir que de bons moments" was not accepted. Can someone explain to me why?

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