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" Itkettekö te? Meillä on ikävä äitiä ja isää."

Translation:– Are you crying? – We miss Mother and Father.

July 16, 2020



"Itkettekö" sounds like "Itketkö"


I strongly believe that it was "iketkö" in the audio, which probably is a mistake


Yup, that sounded wrong.


OK, now we've disabled the TTS for this sentence.


"We are missing Mother and Father" should be accepted too FYI


Yup, it should be accepted. Report it if it isn't.


"We miss" or "we ARE missing" both should be accepted


I agree with JeanloupR ... We are missing should be acceptable


"We are missing "instead of "we miss" should have been accepted


The voice says "Itketkö te", needs to be "itkettekö. Reported


Why is not "We are missing Mother and Father" also correct?


I realize in regular speach itkettekö might sound like itketkö, but for beginners this hasty pronunciation is confusing. They should articulate it a bit better


No, it never should sound like "itketkö". However, this is a mistake that Duolingo has limited control over, I believe, since it's an external TTS service that provides the voice. If you put "Itkettekö te?" in Google Translate, the Finnish voice pronounces the sentence as "Itketkö te?", same as here. I think the robot voice overall is pretty good, but there are some glitches as well, unfortunately.


does Duolingo use Google TTS?


I know Duolingo uses (or at least used to use) different TTS's for different courses, and even recorded some input when there wasn't a TTS available. I'm not sure which TTS is used for Finnish, though.


Why Mother and Father, not mother and father?


Mother and Father do not need to have capital letters, here. Neither one is the beginning of a sentence and in Finnish grammar proper nouns, besides proper names, are not capitalized. This needs to be fixed. In German, nouns are capped, but not in Finnish!


Er... Mother and Father also aren't Finnish words or part of the Finnish sentence.


It's not how I remember being taught at school. Here they are being used in place of names, so the capitals are warranted. E.g.: "I thought Mother was in the garden" vs " I thought my mother was in the garden".


Could a native speaker write "We miss our mothers and fathers" for me? I'd like to see the difference


Meillä on ikävä äitejämme ja isiämme.

Note that there are two differences here: the plural and the "our". The "our" is the part that gives us the "-mme" at the end.

If you miss unspecified mothers and fathers, it's Meillä on ikävä äitejä ja isiä.


Why it does not accept same answer in Present Continuous? "Are you crying", it means, the crying is hapenning right now. The variant "we are missing..." is more than expected!


Reported the pronunciation of itkettekö again on 14 September 2020. Thanks to all volunteers.


Seeing as this is a TTS issue, I doubt there's much Duolingo can do about that until their TTS provider issues a fix.


Yeah, we've just disabled the sound for this one for now.


'Mother and Father' sounds too formal in the context nor is it usual to have capital letters. I think 'mum and dad' would be more appropriate and definitely should be acceptable.


I've always been told that when 'mother' is a proper noun, it needs to be capitalized. But when 'mother' is a common noun, it shouldn't be capitalized. In "We miss Mother and Father", they are proper nouns. As common nouns, they'd typically be preceded by words like 'a' 'the' 'our', or 'this'.

So "We saw a mother", but "We saw Mother".

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