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  5. "Wrong, she has a parakeet."

"Wrong, she has a parakeet."

Translation:Väärin, hänellä on undulaatti.

July 17, 2020



Since 'hänella' refers to both he and she, in this context how would you know who you are referring to? Or does it translate more as 'they'?

[deactivated user]

    Hän is always "that person" or sometimes "this person". As I understand it, English has the singular they to avoid "does he or she" type of constructs.

    Hän translates to he, she, or they depending on the context. None of them are inherently a more natural translation than the others.


    You just can't know without any context. :) I don't know if they accept singular "they", although they should, but both "he" and "she" should definitely work. If not, do flag it. :)


    Väärin, hänellä on papukaija. Why this version is refused, please? Thanks for your help.


    Parakeet is a family of different species of parrots (papukaija), but it's not a synonym of all parrots. In American English (which Duo prefers) parakeet refers to a species known elsewhere as budgerigar, which in Finnish is undulaatti.


    it's usually shortened to budgie, but yes I think you are right.

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