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  5. "It has a blue flower."

"It has a blue flower."

Translation:Tässä on sininen kukka.

July 17, 2020



Sillä on sininen kukka*


Correct. Hopefully the team will remove the incorrect translation, as there doesn't seem to be a way to report a problem like that (apart from reporting "something else went wrong").


You can report: my answer should NOT have been accepted


Both are correct, though I don't think there's enough context here to choose one. "Sillä on ..." indicates possession, but I think primarily for animate subjects (say, your dog was walking around with a blue flower in its mouth). "Tässä on ..." indicates (quoting from the Wiktionary entry for "olla") "possession of a feature or capability, as opposed to simple possession; almost always for inanimate subjects". This would be appropriate for talking about some plant whose flowers are blue, not some other color.


Why does kukka have only one a instead of kukkaa?


I don't understand your question. "flower" is "kukka" in Finnish, and "kukkaa" would be partitive, but there is no reason to use partitive here.

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