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"I am not sure. I would like to think for a little longer."

Translation:En ole varma. Haluaisin miettiä vielä vähän aikaa.

July 17, 2020



Vielä hetken aika is suggested as a translation for a little longer, but is not accepted.


the pronouns for the first singular or plural persons may not be used in Finnish sentences as you well know, in your questions sometimes you use it as the correct answers and sometimes when we use them as our answers , you do not accept them and accept the sentence without the pronouns . how can I read your mind to know if you are expecting your correct answer with or without ,minä ,sinä ,me and te?


Ajatella is offered as a hint but is incorrect?


I am writing "minä en ole varma" and tha app does not accept it as a correct answer.


It would be more encouraging to practice and stick with the app if Duolingo can be more consistent with the pronoun requirements.


The name of this course could be "try to guess the translation to these sentences"


True, but it's because the course is still in beta. Every course goes through this stage. The Finnish volunteer team isn't very large, so it's understandable that it takes time to add all the possible translations, fix mistakes etc.


Agreed! As the Dutch expression goes, also Köln and Aachen were not built in just one day. And obviously, wverything mat still be better but for me, this is the best Finnish training so far (and i have tried a lot). So, thank you guys, for keeping up the good work!


Vielä hetjen aika is their translation but the options i was given didnt have the word "hetken" so it was marked wrong...


oh my god ,here we go again


Isn't "I think" also "ajatellen"?

[deactivated user]

    Im also writing the correct answer but is not accepted, when i write in the suggestion from app is nit accepted either. Crazy


    'haluaisin miettiä vähän lisää' not accepted. Why?

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