"Demain nous pourrons faire du ski sur cette piste."

Translation:Tomorrow, we will be able to go skiing on this trail.

July 17, 2020

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I have never heard of Trail. It's a ski slope.


It may be a cross country ski trail.


i agree that it could be either and should be accepted as either slope or trail

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    "Tomorrow we'll be able to ski on this trail" accepted.


    Very common is US: "Tomorrow we will be able to ski this trail" but not accepted..... :(


    Trails are usually for hiking or walking. In the UK we would refer to these as either runs or slopes.


    In American ski areas we have trails, runs, slopes and bowls. The map of all the places you can go on the mountain is always called a "trail map". An individual path down the mountain might be called a trail, especially if it is narrow and through the woods, and that's probably the most general term. But a route down might be called a bowl if it's extremely wide and steep. The beginner trails at the bottom of the mountain are sometimes called "bunny slopes", while the hardest trails are sometimes called "expert runs" (aka black diamonds or double black diamonds). The act of going down a path is often called "doing a run", as in "let's do one more run and then have lunch". In short, all of these related words are in common use.


    Is this talking about skiing ability or about the opportunity to go skiing? If the first, they should accept "we will be able to ski on this/that trail". If the latter, they should say "tomorrow, we can go skiing on this trail".

    Edit: It seems DL also rejects translating cette as that rather than this.


    They miss we will be able to ski, we can ski, we can go skiing, and insist on this instead of that. Not a good job by the so-called professionals making this course.


    Trail is a really bad translation of piste here...

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