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"Miksi sinä syöt niin usein jäätelöä?"

Translation:Why do you eat ice cream so often?

July 17, 2020



I feel personally attacked


Why do you evade the question? :D


This sentence will get you a slap in the face


should "why are you eating" be accepted as well for "miksi sinä syöt"?


Combining an expression of frequency like "often" and the continuous form (the "ing form) is incredibly unlikely. :)

[deactivated user]

    You would you say "why are you always eating ice cream", though.


    Ah. Finnish has a separate verb form for a sentence like that. You combine the auxiliary verb olla with the MA infinitive in the inessive (oh yes, infinitives can be inflected according to "noun" cases). Your sentence would be Miksi sinä olet yhtenään/aina syömässä jäätelöä? (or occasionally Miksi sinä syöt yhtenään jäätelöä?) in Finnish. The purpose of this structure is to emphasise the topicality of the action. :)


    Not exactly a language question, but is it acceptable or common in Finnish culture to be nosy about people's eating habits? It strikes me as a pretty rude thing to ask (same with the "why do you drink so little coffee, are you not a Finn" phrases, though I get that those are at least meant to be funny).

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    I'd say it's definitely not polite. Personally I've only experienced this sort of conversation between close friends, and even then it can be tense.


    Lots of the Duolingo sentences seem to be complete nonsense so I wouldn't think too hard about it


    Do you mean it's not usual in Finland for ponies to kick wizards?


    Koska poika, joka minä rakastan, sanoi että minä olen ruma...


    Sinä olet kaunis. Poika, jota sinä rakastat, on outo. :)

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