"My sister doesn't listen to me when I speak to her."

Translation:Ma sœur ne m'écoute pas quand je lui parle.

July 17, 2020

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So what is the difference between écouter and entendre? I wrote "Ma sœur ne m'entend pas quand je lui parle" and it marked it wrong and I'm just trying to figure out what the difference between the two verbs are


écouter = listen
entendre = hear

As I understand it, what you wrote was more like "My sister doesn't hear me when I speak to her." I think one is more active than the other. If we hear something it may have been accidental. If we listen, it is with intent.

Did you hear that? (Avez-vous entendu ça?)

Are you listening to me? (Est-ce que vous m'écoutez?)


This seems to be a universal problem.


Why not la in place of lui??


Because lui is the indirect object. In English, this is expressed as "speak to her.

An indirect object is something or someone that is affected by the action of the verb.


Why not "lorsque" in place of "quand" in this case?

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