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Strange UI behaviour

Hello everybody,

I'm experiencing some strange UI behaviour. I think I know what is causing it but it's something that might want to be looked into anyway.

Some time ago I had used Duolingo to get some basic skills in Spanish. Currently I'm learning Vietnamese and I heard from another person who was learning that language that you could actually use Duolingo "English for Vietnamese speakers" to do the inverse. And indeed, it does seem to work. But now we get to the weird stuff with regards to the interface:

When I switch to the course VN>EN, the whole interface of Duolingo is in Tiếng Việt, which seems logical. Now if I want to switch the interface back to English, I need to switch my course to EN>ES. Seems logical too. The problem is that there is no quick way to switch between them. You have to go to Add a new course, then select the base language and then the language you wish to learn. Every time I want to switch the interface language.

Would it be possible to: a) Select the base language of the current course for the interface language by default but provide an option to change the interface language to any other available language... or b) Provide some quick way to switch between current courses in your profile?

Also, it seems that it messes up the progress icons. Only Spanish shows up on my profile... Probably due to the fact that I appear to be learning Spanish from English and English from Vietnamese at the same time, which is not something that should actually be happening. ;) I would guess that quite a lot of people use a course for the inverse if the inverse itself isn't available so maybe you could provide an option "invert" for those cases (which would then also skip the "listen to spoken target language and write it down" questions in favour of more translation questions) with a disclaimer that while you can use a course for the inverse purpose, this is not recommended?

August 8, 2014



This has been commented on many many times. I don't know but I suspect that it has a low priority to the the DL development team. The team are quite small, only about 30 strong, and that includes management and admin as well as programmers etc. also, while the problem is aggravating, it can be overcome, it just needs a few more mouse clicks.

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