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"They have a child, who can sing really well."

Translation:Heillä on lapsi, joka osaa laulaa todella hyvin.

July 17, 2020



Why is this todella, not tosi?


I am wondering the same thing


Have found a topic in r/LearnFinnish:

"If they are modifying an adjective, there's no difference except tosi is somewhat colloquial. Tosi iso / todella iso, both mean really big. Outside adjectives, we only use todella, not tosi. Oletko todella niin nuori?"

In this sentence we need to modify an adverb "hyvin" so only "todella" can be used here.


Could it be that tosi is used when modifying a verb phrase, "...can sing really well" and todella when modifying an adjective "...todella kaunis"?


It seems both todella and tosi should fit well

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