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"French really is a beautiful language."

Translation:Ranska todella on kaunis kieli.

July 17, 2020



But, can I also say it like this ?: Ranska on todella kaunis kieli (?)

[deactivated user]

    "Ranska on todella kaunis kieli." means "French is a really beautiful language."


    I assume "Ranksa niin on kaunis kieli" would be fine as well, going by the previous exercises I've seen?


    I'm afraid it's not correct. Here "todella" emphasizes the verb "on" instead of the adjective "kaunis", and they could also be translated as "truly is". You could say "ranska on niin kaunis kieli" though, with the meaning "French is so/such a beautiful language".


    Why exactly is ''Ranska todella kaunis kieli on'' wrong?


    It's a word order you'd rarely hear in a normal conversation. Another problem is that "todella" shouldn't be placed before "kaunis".


    In English, the difference between "really is a beautiful language" and "is a really beautiful language" is subtle. The first sentence could mean "contrary to what you might expect or hear, it really is." The second sentence intensifies "beautiful", although you could also use the first sentence to do that. Is the same true in Finnish?


    "Todella" must be directly before the adjective to intensify it. Otherwise it works just like in English.

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