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"Il faut que tu choisisses un bon avocat."

Translation:You must choose a good lawyer.

July 17, 2020



"You must choose a good avocado." ;-)

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I wonder if it would be marked correctly...


"It's necessary that you select a good lawyer." - not accepted 17/7/20. But choose = select. Alternatives please, Duo.


Please note that : "Il est nécessaire que..." is also correct in French. It's a bit wordier and formal than "il faut".


Hi ZarrouguiL, isn't this Duo's half-*ssed way of trying to "teach" the subjunctive after "il faut"? At least that's my guess.


Do you think it isn't typical French? It seems normal to me, but I'm not exactly an expert.

I guess I wonder why you curse when you talk about it, but you don't really specify what you think the problem is?

Are you referring to using an alternative to the subjunctive? As, for example, Il faut choisir un bon avocat.

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